Referral Program

Discover all the features you can use to design and manage your referral program.

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Email, Social & SMS Sharing

Encourage sharing through the channels your customers actually use.

  • Email Sharing
  • Facebook & Twitter Sharing
  • WhatsApp Sharing
  • SMS Sharing
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On-Site Items

Create an on-site experience your customers will love.

We have taken all the guess work out of building your customer experience. You can easily create an interface that is on brand and intuitive for your customers to use.

  • Referral Widget
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
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Encourage customers to refer their friends to make orders by creating campaigns based on time on page, scroll percentage, exit intent and post purchase.

  • Post Purchase Campaign
  • Reminder Campaign
  • Exit Intent Campaign
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Easily build a rewards experience that your customers love

Fully customize all aspects of your customer’s journey including images, colors, text.

With more than 50% of all site traffic on mobile, you need a program designed with mobile in mind. ReferralYard provides a beautiful and consistent experience regardless of what device you are browsing on.

You can even utilize our CSS editor to add custom touches to your designs.

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How to Get Started

Follow these 5 simple steps to create a referral program today.

  • Sign up for Free
  • Connect to your platform
  • Setup your referral rewards Choose how much do you want to reward sender and reciever after making an order
  • Tailor your program colors to match your website schema
  • Launch your Program
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