Grow your sales by word-of-mouth marketing

Acquire high-value clients at a low cost, increase retention and grow revenue through targeted referral program.

Acquire high-value customers at a low cost

Spread the word about your product or service through your existing customers.

Customers can share your offers with friends and family on social media, email & SMS.

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Reward both the sender and receiver

Incentivize your customers to invite their friends with rewards for both the sender and the receiver, you can also customize the reward that each one will get:

  • Fixed amount off Coupon
  • Percentage off Coupon
  • Cash Reward
  • Manual Reward
  • No Reward

Full brand customization

Customize everything to match your brand assets from text and images down to colors. With ReferralYard, you will keep your Brand Identity as you planned. In addition, you can match your referral widgets to your brand’s tone and voice.

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